Thank You for Being a Friend…Travel Down the Road and Back Again…

Oh yeah she did!  DJ Alice surprised us all with The Golden Girls Theme song as our cool down.  Umm…awesome!  From the Golden Girls surprise to a rocking Beethoven symphony to 80s hair bands mixed in with some Justin Timberlake, Alice pulled out a phenomenal mix.  When I post it, anyone that wasn’t able to make it last night is going to be kicking themselves!  It was a perfect night for our new friend, Cheri to join.  The music was spot-on.

We had another surprise last evening…the Red Bull distributors stopped by and provided us with a case of the delicious stuff.  Imagine riding on those endorphin waves a good session of DDPP provides and then mixing in a little Red Bull after…I’m convinced I won’t be sleeping again until Tuesday, but I feel fine!   For those of you unable to make it, it was hinted they are returning next week too, so you may still have a chance if you come next week.  Who knew that DDPP would get you swag?  It’s sort of like the Oscars but with better music breaks! 

And to all my lovely dancing ladies…your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant…

Love, Steph


This Ain’t a SCENE, It’s an Arms Race

Dance Dance Party Party Cleveland had a little feature in Cleveland Scene Magazine…please don’t feel pressure to wear the 80s clothes mentioned, we usually leave the flashdance dressing up to only a few.  But by all means, dress that way if you like, we do love it!  We are still on for tonight!  DJ Alice is spinning the tunes.  I can’t wait to display my own bad dancing self!

Dance Till You Drop

Trim the pounds while you get your groove on.

Check your attitude at the door for the weekly Dance Dance Party Party in Tremont. That’s because the 75-minute exercise workout, which happens in a spacious yoga-and-pilates studio, posts three rules: No boys, no booze, and no behind-the-back gossiping. Since the classes began a month ago, gals have been showing up to dance to mixes of tunes from ’80s and ’90s pop acts like Rick Springfield, Duran Duran, and Billy Idol. You’re encouraged to wear leg-warmers and leotards, since the bumping and grinding can turn Flashdance-like, with high kicks and deep knee bends. “Everyone complains about being sore, and it’s a real workout,” says organizer Stephanie Bayer. “It’s important that there’s no judgment here, because there’s some really bad dancing going on. But in the best way.” Class starts at 7:15 tonight at Studio 11, 2337 West 11th Street. Fee is $5. Visit

big hands, i know you’re the one


Only in my dreams…as real as it may seem…it was only in my dreams

Only in my dreams can I do the awesome leg sweep I witnessed last night.  Why am I so incapable of break-dancing, while those around me shine with skills?!  Last night’s DDPP was spectacular.  We had seven pretty new faces in addition to several rockin’ regulars!  The dance floor is starting to really fill up.  Not only were our new fabulous friends able to break-it down, they also came with a bag of tricks that seemed designed for DJ Sarah’s second week in the role of bringing the tunes.   Though no one in attendance could tackle “the worm” which would have been a masterful match to Paula’s “Cold-Hearted Snake.”  Man, that girl, Sarah, can really put the music together.  Wait until I post it; it was fantastic.  Next week, our new friend, Alice, is going to prove to us that all our Cleveland based perceptions of native Pittsburghers are way off base as she rocks the house and controls the music. 

As always, we love making new friends and hope to meet even more next time…same time and place…Thursdays – 7:15-8:30. 

XOXO – Steph

DJ Sarah. DJ Sarah. Storms are brewin in your eyes.


You Can Run, You Can Hide, but You Can’t Escape…

DJ Sarah’s amazing song-list.  This was our first shot at inviting the guest DJ to man the IPOD and did she ever deliver.  I can’t wait until I can post her song-list to read again and again to marvel at the amazingness.  My favorite portion of the night definitely came when “Let’s Hear it For the Boys” led to Footloose reenactments including the ending somersault.  How awesome is that!

We also had a new dance friend that has taken her hotness to LA’s version of DDPP, as well as the mother-ship, NYC.  She was super fun and told us we putting our own flavor on it, but rocking it out just right.  How much do we all love Alice?  The answer is tons!  I love making new friends that are able to move about as aimless and fantastic as anyone.  Alice rules!

Hope to make new friends next week too.  This is the greatest! 

You can run, you can hide, but you escape, my…

Love, Steph

Jump Around

It’s been almost a week and I’m not sure I have completely recovered from the kicking song we started this week’s DDPP off with.  All the girls in attendance turned into jumping beans for four minutes.  It was fantastic!  We also were able to convince some new blood to join us.  Poor Jen wasn’t sure of the wardrobe and came in street clothes.  This did not slow her down one bit, she rocked right out and fit right in, but given the choice, I’m not sure she would wear that again.  So for anyone interested in joining us at DDPP, remember it’s easy to become a Sweaty Betty when swirling around to Neil Diamond, so workout clothes work best.  We’ll still on for 3/13 at 7:15…I can’t wait to see everyone there.  This week in the time off since last session, I’ve perfected my “snow shovel” dance, it puts the sprinkler to shame.

Love, Steph