You Can Run, You Can Hide, but You Can’t Escape…

DJ Sarah’s amazing song-list.  This was our first shot at inviting the guest DJ to man the IPOD and did she ever deliver.  I can’t wait until I can post her song-list to read again and again to marvel at the amazingness.  My favorite portion of the night definitely came when “Let’s Hear it For the Boys” led to Footloose reenactments including the ending somersault.  How awesome is that!

We also had a new dance friend that has taken her hotness to LA’s version of DDPP, as well as the mother-ship, NYC.  She was super fun and told us we putting our own flavor on it, but rocking it out just right.  How much do we all love Alice?  The answer is tons!  I love making new friends that are able to move about as aimless and fantastic as anyone.  Alice rules!

Hope to make new friends next week too.  This is the greatest! 

You can run, you can hide, but you escape, my…

Love, Steph


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