Only in my dreams…as real as it may seem…it was only in my dreams

Only in my dreams can I do the awesome leg sweep I witnessed last night.  Why am I so incapable of break-dancing, while those around me shine with skills?!  Last night’s DDPP was spectacular.  We had seven pretty new faces in addition to several rockin’ regulars!  The dance floor is starting to really fill up.  Not only were our new fabulous friends able to break-it down, they also came with a bag of tricks that seemed designed for DJ Sarah’s second week in the role of bringing the tunes.   Though no one in attendance could tackle “the worm” which would have been a masterful match to Paula’s “Cold-Hearted Snake.”  Man, that girl, Sarah, can really put the music together.  Wait until I post it; it was fantastic.  Next week, our new friend, Alice, is going to prove to us that all our Cleveland based perceptions of native Pittsburghers are way off base as she rocks the house and controls the music. 

As always, we love making new friends and hope to meet even more next time…same time and place…Thursdays – 7:15-8:30. 

XOXO – Steph


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