This Ain’t a SCENE, It’s an Arms Race

Dance Dance Party Party Cleveland had a little feature in Cleveland Scene Magazine…please don’t feel pressure to wear the 80s clothes mentioned, we usually leave the flashdance dressing up to only a few.  But by all means, dress that way if you like, we do love it!  We are still on for tonight!  DJ Alice is spinning the tunes.  I can’t wait to display my own bad dancing self!

Dance Till You Drop

Trim the pounds while you get your groove on.

Check your attitude at the door for the weekly Dance Dance Party Party in Tremont. That’s because the 75-minute exercise workout, which happens in a spacious yoga-and-pilates studio, posts three rules: No boys, no booze, and no behind-the-back gossiping. Since the classes began a month ago, gals have been showing up to dance to mixes of tunes from ’80s and ’90s pop acts like Rick Springfield, Duran Duran, and Billy Idol. You’re encouraged to wear leg-warmers and leotards, since the bumping and grinding can turn Flashdance-like, with high kicks and deep knee bends. “Everyone complains about being sore, and it’s a real workout,” says organizer Stephanie Bayer. “It’s important that there’s no judgment here, because there’s some really bad dancing going on. But in the best way.” Class starts at 7:15 tonight at Studio 11, 2337 West 11th Street. Fee is $5. Visit


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