Thank You for Being a Friend…Travel Down the Road and Back Again…

Oh yeah she did!  DJ Alice surprised us all with The Golden Girls Theme song as our cool down.  Umm…awesome!  From the Golden Girls surprise to a rocking Beethoven symphony to 80s hair bands mixed in with some Justin Timberlake, Alice pulled out a phenomenal mix.  When I post it, anyone that wasn’t able to make it last night is going to be kicking themselves!  It was a perfect night for our new friend, Cheri to join.  The music was spot-on.

We had another surprise last evening…the Red Bull distributors stopped by and provided us with a case of the delicious stuff.  Imagine riding on those endorphin waves a good session of DDPP provides and then mixing in a little Red Bull after…I’m convinced I won’t be sleeping again until Tuesday, but I feel fine!   For those of you unable to make it, it was hinted they are returning next week too, so you may still have a chance if you come next week.  Who knew that DDPP would get you swag?  It’s sort of like the Oscars but with better music breaks! 

And to all my lovely dancing ladies…your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant…

Love, Steph


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