Senorita, I feel for you…

DJ Alice created a song list so nice, we played it twice!  Due to a little technical difficulty, DJ Alice made a return appearance as master of ceremonies.  Man, was I glad she did.  I realized this week that her mix had a little Latin spice and made my hips feel like Shakira.  The hot and saucy stylings matched our mood as the weather turns a little warmer and the studio begins to feel more tropical.  It was awesome!

We had some new friends join us too, and I need to say, they rule!  Genie (I’m spelling it that way, because “she was named after the girl in the bottle” as I was told) spontaneously showed up after randomly meeting me beforehand in Tremont.  How cool is that chick?  Way cool!  And Jen and Billie had the spunky moves that made me more than a little envious of their coolness.  Lindsay brought so much fun, she is DJing this coming week!  She volunteered just that quick to take the music helms!  Yeah!  That girl rules!  The new girls blended right in with the regulars and it was an awesome party party!

I can’t wait for Thursday!  As Justin warns “It feels like something’s heating up…”

-Senorita Steph



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