Don’t Stop Believing…Hold on to that Feeling…

Man, I wish I could hold on to the feeling you get after a rocking session of DDPP and take that fun endorphin high on and on and on…DJ Lindsay delivered the goods last night!  She brought back some old school 90s dance tunes to modern hip music.  My favorite part of the night came when somehow a circle of hip-shaking ladies formed all displaying their best 50s sock-hop moves and a few brave souls jumped in the middle for some solo performance time.  Totally ruled!  DJ Lindsay, you are music maven! 

We also had some amazing new friends come last night and they deserve a shout out.  New friend Jessie did the splits and wore an awesome leotard!  Amy proved yet another person at DDPP is cooler than me with her knowledge of indie singer Kate Nash and her sweet groves.  Sara and Angela trucked out from Cleveland Heights to join us and immediately they showed awesome spunk and got right into dancing.  Immediately.  Awesome.  I even think it was one of those two clever cuties that suggested the circle of fun sock-hop style. 

DJ Lindsay ended our session with a cool down “Cheers” theme song style…and I have to say, DDPP is turning into my own little safe place, where everybody knows my name…and they’re always glad I came (even with my horrifying dance moves)…We’d love to welcome more into the party…

I wanna go where people know, people are all the same…I wanna go where everyone knows my name,



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