The Right Stuff…

DJ Sarah has the Right Stuff.  She couldn’t even attend DDPP this week, but when the IPOD wouldn’t play with 5 mins to go until session started, she saved the day.  One quick phone call and a miracle kicking song list appeared.  And her list got the booty shaking.  Also, when I heard New Kids on The Block “Right Stuff” (and may have witnessed some amazing muscle memory in our new friend, Amy, as she clearly was pulling out a routine from 7th grade cheerleading to that song) I am convinced I need to see Jordan Knight in reunion!

We had some great new friends join us last week.  They got into the spirit in no time and we all shimmied to the beat.  We had a lighter attendance which left room for leaps and bounds, which ruled.  Still, while the 7 of us shook it just fine, we love to make friends, so hope more people join us this week.

My awesome songlist will make an appearance.  I swear!  I want to earn the DJ title.  It’s happening this week, be there of be square.

You’ve got the right stuff, baby…love the way you turn me on…




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