Step By Step…

Ohh Baby…DJ Jen really wanted us in her world…and man were we there!  A first time DJ, she brought 90s tunes that made all of us hope she DJs again and again.  DJ Jen rules!  Take a look at her song list below and you will agree.  It was the kind of music that made even our cool new yoga friends shake their booties and move.  The ten ladies that attended last Thursday session were fabulous! 


Feels Good- Tony !Toni! Tone!
Poison- Bel Biv Devoe
Promiscuous Girl- Nelly Furtado
Jump- Kriss Kross
Let’s Go Crazy- Prince
Shake It- Metro Station
Throw It On Me- Timbaland
Busta Move- Young MC
Da Dip- Freak Nasty
Get Up- Ciara
Praise Chorus- Jimmy Eat World
Rock Your Body- Justin Timberlake
Can’t Escape My Love- Enrique Iglesius
Step By Step- New Kids On the Block
Slave- Britney Spears
Like a Prayer- Madonna
Never Gonna Get It- En Vogue
Set a Drift on Memory Bliss- PM Dawn
And DJ Jen, just so you know…keep bringing music like that and I guarantee I’ll be a “slave for you…I cannot hold it, I cannot control it.”
Hope to see you next time…Let’s Go Crazy!

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